There could be adverse effects arising from not treating back pain timely and accurately. Nerve damage, permanent disability causing loss of work, weight gain due to lack of activity, Low moods further developing to depression, Insomnia could be mentioned as few of the negative effects. Therefore, it is quintessential to refer to a professional team who will be able to identify the most suitable treatment plan for back pain conditions.  

Frequent reasons for back pain

Out of the many pains we experience in our body, back pain is a very common condition. Despite the frequency of the issue, this cannot be taken casually as it causes severe pain and discomfort to the body making it extremely irritable and difficult to work.

There are numerous reasons that may cause back pain. However, the most common reasons are listed below.

  • Arthritis
  • A muscle or tendon being pulled due to lifting heavy objects, physical training or using an awkward position during sleep.
  • Osteoporosis
  • Stress
  • Inflammation
  • Ruptured discs
  • Fibromyalgia.

Commonly practiced remedies

Many patients suffering from back pain are hesitant to go for heavy medication or surgeries. Instead, they attempt to apply basic remedies as an immediate method to heal pain. Some of these methods include stretching, keeping a pillow underneath the knees, reducing weight when lifting heavy equipment, changing the positions constantly & working the core.

In addition, the following methods are also identified as ways of releasing pain.

  • Increase intake of calcium and Vitamin D
  • Straightening up
  • Avoid slumping over the desk at workstation
  • Changing the type of shoes
  • Quit smoking

Physiotherapy as a Solution

Physiotherapy is a clinically approved method which treats a condition such as back pain. Patients could seek this method at hospitals as well as at clinics. There are numerous clinics located globally which are specifically operated for physiotherapy services, if you happen to be someone seeking professional help around this area, you could visit back pain treatment Geelong for further information. Due to the friendly, effective and high quality services offered by these, some clinics have even been able to secure the service to multiple generations of a single family. Physiotherapy teamsusually assure best management plan in covering a range of conditions assisting all age groups including back pain.The conditions include,

Various sports injuries


Neck pains


Workplace injuries


Chronic Illness

Maintain functional mobility

Motor vehicle rehabilitation

Injury and post operative rehab

Muscle, joint and ligament sprains

Treatment process for back pain

The highly trained and caring professionals at physiotherapy clinics are able to accurately diagnose the causes for your back pain. Based on same they will assess whether the condition is related to movement, muscle and posture or whether further examinations should be carried out by a physician to identify other factors.

Certain physiotherapy clinics treat most of the conditions using specialized treatment methods including soft tissue therapy, joint mobilization and manipulation, hydrotherapy, clinical Pilates & dry needling. They even guide the patients with simple manual therapies which could be practiced at home curtailing the number of physical visits to the clinic. No need to suffer from back pain anymore!!

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