Buying food in bulk generally refers to purchasing a large quantity of food. This is sensible if you are running your own café, restaurant or hotel. In addition, buying in bulk for your household could help you save up in the long run. You could purchase a large number of certain foods at one time which could last for a lengthy period of time. This can assist you in saving money from avoiding additional trips to the grocery store.

Moreover, buying food items in bulk are usually followed up with a heavy discount. Only specific types of food are suitable for purchasing in bulk due to a longer shelf life. Due to this reason, you should avoid purchasing perishable food items, as such foods are susceptible to spoilage after a certain period of time. Additionally, if you are looking to promote healthy eating in your household or run a health-based café, purchasing healthy food in bulk is the way to go. I have outlined the top six healthy food items you can buy in bulk below:

1.      Honey

Honey has a variety of health benefits. For instance, honey is packed with antioxidants which help in blood pressure reduction and improving cholesterol levels. Honey is also a healthier alternative to sugar. The exact shelf life of honey is difficult to determine as factors such as storage conditions and humidity levels can affect the quality of the honey. Officially, the United States National Honey Board states that honey can be stored up to 2 years. Start filling up your pantry with some long-lasting honey.

2.      Lentils & Beans

Not just any lentils and beans, make a bulk order for dried lentils and beans. Lentils and beans have a massive number of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibres and nutrients that help in boosting the health of your body. You want to know the best part? Lentils and beans can last up to ten years and can be utilized in various dishes such as rice, salads or curries.

3.      Frozen Berries & Veggies

Yes, fresh berries are not just yummy but are full of nutrients. However, the shelf life of these fresh goodies is extremely low. Frozen berries on the other hand, solve this problem. The amount of nutrients and vitamins found in frozen berries are similar to fresh berries. The only difference is that it needs to be refrigerated and lasts up to 6 months. Similarly, fresh fruits and veggies tend to spoil fast. Certain frozen vegetables such as broccoli & spinach can be stored for approximately 8 months.

4.      Protein Powders

If you are a gym geek, running a gym, vegan or vegetarian and require a certain amount of protein intake, then protein powders may be something you regularly consume. But we all know that high-quality protein powders are very expensive.

However, this issue can be resolved through buying protein powders in bulk. For instance, majority of companies provide cheaper price points for bulk orders. Famous protein powders such as whey and pea protein can last between eight to eighteen months. Purchase wholesale health foods and start saving up.

5.      Frozen Meat

Unfrozen or fresh meat is more likely to spoil within a shorter time span. Frozen meats such as steak can last up to 12 months and frozen chicken breast can last up to nine months.

6.      Dried Pasta

If you are looking for a pasta fix, dried pasta is the way to go! Dried pasta is generally found in bulk at grocery stores and are sold at discounted rates. It can last up to 2 years.

Make a wise choice and buy in bulk, your bank account will be grateful.

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