Women who have been trying to get pregnant have been using the basal body temperature approach, a fertility awareness method that keeps track when a woman is ovulating with her body temperature slightly rising during ovulation which is the perfect time for intercourse.

Women who have been keeping track of their basal body temperature every day could predict when their temperature will rise indicating they are ovulating and could help them figure out when they are most likely to get pregnant (if all is well and they have no infertility issues).

To effectively use this sort of natural family planning method, learn more about how you could effectively use your basal body temperature for conceiving.

Be consistent in keeping track

By assisting you in knowing the best days to have unprotected sex for conception, you need to be consistent in keeping track of your basal body temperature. You could keep track by writing down your body temperature using a paper chart or download an app that is created for this purpose. When you keep a daily record of your body temperature by using a basal thermometer, you can predict your fertility window as part of a contraception technique.

This method is also affordable (you only need to splurge on a trusty thermometer) and has no side effects. If the slightly elevated temperature remains constant for three days or more, ovulation has most certainly occurred. Remember that you are most fertile two days before your basal body temperature increases although sperm can live up to five days in your reproductive system.

Once you have a consistent record of your body temperature, it could even be used to determine pregnancy. When you notice an increase in your basal body temperature for more than 18 days after ovulation, it could be a sign that you are pregnant (although to be sure, take an at home pregnancy test kit or see your doctor).

Get your temperature the same time every day

Similar to being consistent in keeping track of your temperature, you have to take it the same time every day as well. The most ideal is every morning before getting out of bed. To achieve an accurate reading, you have to make sure that you get at least three hours of unbroken sleep each night and that you are using a thermometer designed to check your basal body temperature.

Combine it with other ovulation tracking methods

To make this approach more effective, combine it with monitoring your cervical mucus. Not only would you be keeping track of your body temperature, observe your cervical secretions during your menstrual cycle as well. You can also use an electronic fertility monitor to check urinary hormone levels. This will help you determine if you are fertile.

There are apps available that could help you track your menstrual cycle and tell you when you are most fertile. You might think these are more convenient not to mention free. But nothing still beats the natural method. Besides, it’s your body. You are the one who is more in tune with every changes.

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