Losing those extra pounds can be a daunting task. it’s not as easy as you gain them and you start regretting every burger, French fry or pizza you ate. Even though losing weight is hard, the end result is worth all the effort you put in. here are some effective ways to lose weight.

Set yourself reasonable goals

It’s impossible to lose 5 kilos in a week, nor can you lay lazy for weeks and expect to cover all those days through intense workouts for just 3 days. Weight loss is a continuous process and being consistent is key in achieving results. If you resort back to your old habits once your goals are achieved, your entire effort goes in vain.

So, set challenging yet achievable goals and make it more difficult as you go. For example, set 500 grams per week at the beginning and increase to 1 kilo and then 2 kilos per week. As you continue working out, your body will react better to your efforts. Give yourself a treat every time you achieve your goals; not in food terms but others. For example, treat yourself to a day at the spa.

Seek the support of your loved ones

You cannot tread this path alone especially if you’re living with family. It should be a collective effort and they should all be on board with your plan. Talk to them and inform them that you will be on a low carb diet from now on so that your family members who cook will know to prepare something for you.

Stop them from bringing too many chips or candy bars from the store. Rather ask them to bring apple cider vinegar or raw organic honey which has effects on weight loss. You can even join them into your workout. Grab your partner or sibling and hit the gym. When you have someone with you, you achieve your goals better as you can lookout for each other.

Rid your house of temptations

If you already have a cupboard full of chips, candy, ice cream and chocolates, your weight loss journey is going to be long and difficult. So as a first step to eating healthy, get rid of all these items. Distribute them among neighbourhood kids or give them to the needy. Make sure you have very little treats lying around. So that next time you want to have a cheat-treat, you’ll have to go to the store and this will discourage you.

Stay hydrated

Very often, we think we are hungry, when we are in fact thirsty! Nutritionists recommend drinking 1.5 to 2 litters of fluid every day. And by liquid we mean water of course, because it’s always the best drink. If you cannot bring yourself to drink only water, choose other non-caloric drinks: tea and herbal teas (without sugar), mineral and flavoured waters, diet sodas on occasion, and so on. Avoid consuming too much fruit juice as even juices made from 100% fruit contain a lot of sugar. Avoid liquors and alcohols too.

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