One of the characteristics that makes the human race the top predators and the leading species when it comes to the evolutionary race is our capability to use technology. Technology is defined as anything or any tool utilized to create something more efficient and make life easier for everyone. This idea is so perplexing because man as a species is not that strong yet we have highly evolved brains that enables us to use technology for our own good thus fast-forward into the future we are still here because our knowledge in the sciences and our ability to use it for our own benefit is quite staggering and almost to the posit of disbelief.  Our ability to innovate and to further advance our knowledge in the sciences has led us, as a species, to change the world we live in at a very massive degree. Here are some of the developments in science and technology that change the world we live in today.

The Internet

One of the well-developed and widely used is the internet. The internet is roughly a series of computers interconnected by network that makes the transfer of data fast and efficient. The idea of an interconnected network connecting a person to another person was a dream of the past that has been realized in our present-day prowess in technology. Through this we have seen a degree of connections and communication that we have never seen before. The knowledge of the whole world is in the palm of our hands, or so they say.


Some say In vitro fertilization (IVF) is playing God. But it actually is not. IVF is a process in which people who wants to have children but is having a hard time conceiving. IVF opens the doors to many possibilities including the idea of wanting to be a single parent by choice or the idea of choosing the characteristics of the baby that one would want. This technology is widely used today and is not considered a taboo among many cultures because of its benefits. Fertility and IVF naturopath in Melbourne and any other developed countries has opened its arms to such technology.

Digital Currency

One of the most ground-breaking turn on the history of man is the development and realization of a digital currency. Long ago people are having a hard time in sending money to loved ones who are in a foreign field. Or at some point in our history as a species we tried to buy some essential items from other countries only to be disappointed because it is costly enough to send the payment and costly enough to send the product to the buyer, but with the digital currency and digital banking, everything has changed. The way we deal with other has been made a lot easier and more efficient and it has also opened more doors opportunity for dealings with other cultures.

The world has become smaller and it has become a better place because of the technology that we use to make our lives easier and more comfortable.

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